10 Reasons You Should Listen to Ani DiFranco

If any one hasn’t heard of her, you are missing out. Ani DiFranco rebukes the tendencies of traditional singer songwriters and brings out the beauty in the ugly.  I was just recently introduced to Ani’s style and found it was exactly what people made it out to be…”right from the start, [I] identified with her deeply personal songs about the dynamics of romance, the politics of family life, the choices she watched her friends make and the state of things from her neighborhood to the planet as a whole…

1.  Her voice wraps around your ears, drops like a pin and reverberates like an atom bomb when you least expect it.

2. She is a wordsmith – creating concrete, provocative images evoking emotion and producing tears and rage, with equal honesty.

3. DiFranco plays guitar like a mad-woman – precusive and rampant fingerpicking followed by slow, droning strums – allowing for a soundscape to be created without much use of any effects. 

4. Alternate tunings? -More than Jimmy Paige.

5.  Dynamics are her specialty – soft, loud, groovy, mean – they all fall into one another to pull emotion out of the listener.

6. Her use of onomatopeia, irony, sarcasm, simile, and the all important metaphor is masterful.

7. No major labels, no radio air play, no help from the majors.

8.  She believes what she sings – you don’t need to see a live   performance to understand where she is coming from – you feel her.

9.  In the truest sense, she is self made. If part of being American is working hard for success and achievement – than she defines our Country’s founding ideals.

10.  In a time of hatred, obsession, 24/7 media attention – her music takes time to notice the smallest things and launch them to the fore front – providing a break from depression, if not opening an eye or two on the way.


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