Where STARS shine brightest

Some say brilliance is the ability to take two entirely unrelated things and put them together seamlessly. Love and war, for instance. I know you are reminding yourself that the last thing you need are more songs about love and politically driven songs about war – as if their aren’t enough of those floating around the atmosphere these days. What about love as war?

If any of you have gotten a chance to catch the new HBO series, “Tell Me YouLoveMe“, the Stars lyrical content relates appropriately to Palek and Carolyn, the professional, beautiful, and perpetually frustrated 30 something couple.

Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan weave around eachother, taking stabs and hugging one another’s lyrical creations, all within the confines of three to five minute baroque pop songs. If it doesn’t make sense – good. It isn’t supposed to. Love cares not for feelings, past or present, nor does war. In between these two seemingly contrasting subjects lies the beauty in the ugly, the prettiest of voices singing the ugliest of words – and the Stars music hits, poignantly, right where it belongs.

Be sure to check out “In Our Bedroom After the War”, by Stars.


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