Dixon Bendejo Trash – Totem Calling review

Dixon Bendejo Trash – I’m assuming the name is a throw back to California – is a trip hop band stuck with folk instrumentation.  Acoustic guitars are forced to the front of all of their songs, chugging along nicely with electric piano accompaniment – the tinkle of the piano adds to an overall eerie, unsettling atmosphere befitting a band who have “crafted a love/hate letter to the bowels of Chicago”.  Totem Calling keeps the listener involved by shying away from a pop arrangement – not immediately rushing to hand us a chorus – but keeping us on our toes with a nice break in the middle.  The electronics hiding behind the simple lead and the consistent chords are a nice addition – they had me wishing I could hear more of them in the guitar’s stead; and some more dynamics in the production. None the less, they say one man’s trash is another man’s gold – in this case, keep the trash coming, bendejos, it’ll eventually turn to gold.

You can catch DBT’s music at:  www.myspace.com/dixonbendejotrash


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