Dino & The Illusions – “Blue Iris Baby” review

Grab your hippie friends and lets go time traveling! The 60’s are calling and Dino and his Illusions are answering the call with a slow, droned out, “hellllooooooo?”  There’s nothing like alot of reverb, in fact, I know some people who like the effect better than the songs they are used in, but here, the dripping reverb on the vocals gives the easy going feeling of a July night on Lake Michigan, kicking back with a Bud or (bud?), and dreaming about the future, or the past, or the future’s past, which is the present, ya dig?  The lead isn’t scary, and it sits nicely in the mix, which like the rest of their songs, is perfect for slow day, and even slower nights.  Fans of the Doors, and other experimental/phychadelic rock take a listen to “Blue Iris Baby” – it’ll be a pleasant surprise.



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