The Abbey’s – “Numbered World” Review

If The Abbey’s were an action figure, they’d be the one with the best design that uber nerds would keep in the box forever – in other words, these guys are going to be worth something someday. Their easy going style and clever, story telling lyrics “..up on could 9, living in a numbered world, leaving me behind” all make for an almost radio ready experience. You can hear their influences poignantly through this tune, R&B rhythm of the Beatles, the Everly Brothers harmony – but I’d really like to hear these guys break off from the influences and do something truly inventive and special. Now granted, you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken and the melody is as solid as the rhythmic foundation it is built on, the only thing lacking is a real POW – The Abbey’s are good, there’s no doubt about that, but I, and the rest of their fans are waiting, wanting, and deserving something exceptional from these talented songsmiths.

You can catch The Abbey’s at Hanson Brother Tavern, in Northbrook, IL at 8pm on Sunday, February 15th.


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