Akasha – “In Defining” Review

In reggae music there are two times: before Marley and after Marley (and I’m not talking about Ziggy).  Luckily for us, Akasha, who’s name-meaning is revealed on their myspace, deliver us with a nice head bobbin groove.  The song starts off with – and I’m giving some major points here – an upright bass!  Now its not every day you get to hear a bouncing, well recorded upright on a reggae tune – so props to ya’ll for that.  The guitar is straight up-strums, typical of the genre, and the lyrics support the passive agressive preachiness of it as well:  “everybody must realize, can’t you see, we create a revelation, consciously…”  The music is solid and easy-going but the greatest part arrives when the harmonies jump in.  Usually when a band claims to have “rich harmonies” I take it with a grain of salt.  In this case though, they were right on the money.  Good job Akasha, keep the tunes coming.



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