Pavmire – “Inside of You” review

You always have to listen to electronica a little bit different than you would other music – so I put on my producer ears when I heard “Inside of You”.   There’s an angst in this song evident by the whiny vocals – and it is certainly dark sounding.  It’s like Depeche Mode starting making music after an obsessed weekend of watching all 3 “Matrix’s” and “Bladerunner” – I can see why Pavmire’s music has been chosen for a few “post apocalyptic” movie projects and is “underground accessable”.  Unfortunately, I was not impressed by the beats – repitition is evident in all electronica, indeed it is a hallmark of the genre, but in my opinion, the drums should be changing just enough throughout the song to keep the listener interested – (and I don’t count adding a break beat during a chorus).  A stock arpeggiated keyboard sound runs throughout the song, and left me wanting more.  The synth pads and choir sounds in the background provide a nice ambience and add to the creepier nature of the tune, but from this vantage point, Pavmire could use a little bit more of a push from the producers.


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