Brian McGrath – “Breaking Ties” and “The Cost of Things”

Singer songwriters have a special place in my heart, I think we all start as this particular species of musician, some of us get smart and grab a band, and others forge on into the cruel world to test their might.  Brian McGrath is of the latter.  I can’t be sure – there isn’t much in the way of information on his website – no biography, no album credits, just a plea to buy his new release, “Apophenia” , but this wreaks of home recording.  Breaking Ties has an interesting arrangement, but needs the depth and ear of a true producer – the hard panned, constant acoustic guitar and the droning, digital cello sound cloaked in reverb is just a little to much for this reviewers taste.  None the less, the vocals are Thom York-y, in fact the song sound pretty Radioheadish to me overall, which is a good thing – Brian hits it pretty well, so he gets cool points there.  Once you get by the cheesy organ sound the song is a nice, moody, emotional piece, which pulls you in and sticks with you after you’ve pressed “stop”.

“Cost of Things” is reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen’s, “Born in the USA” era: Brian’s strong baritone ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhing all over a strong rhythm and a Coldplay lead – again, blanketed with reverb.   A strong song, much less Radiohead, and more Americana rock, stop by – if you don’t wanna spend the 5$ on Apophenia, at least you can enjoy some decently written songs.


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