Stranger in a Strange Land – “Alone” and “Bokonon Tango”

Strangeland Strangers sound like Jack White spit them right out of his mouth.  Unfortunately, they did not inherit his rocking lead capabilities – the lead guitar is cool, but lacks the ripping, angry, searing pissed offedness that Jack owns.   The tone is almost there, the vocals are almost there, the drums are quiet, but there – its a second rate blues rock tribute to The White Stripes.  There are gleams of possibilities shining through in the song, but better production, a clearer recording, and please, less buzz on the guitar fellas, and the “almosts” fall off.

Bokonon Tango is still blues, but has less of that wannabe feel and is the band taking strides in the right direction.  A super groovy guitar/bass breakdown, the solos had me bobbing my head and stomping (ok tapping, people live downstairs, ya know!) along with the rhythm.  This is a kick ass groovy track from “Chicago’s most pious discordian rock band”.  Two thumbs up dudes, here’s to staying true and travelin’ strange.


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