Jadiid – Movement EP

Jadiid – pronounced “Ja-deed”, or loosely translated “modern” – recently released an EP, entitled Movement – without listening, I had expected a middle-eastern sound (ie, Beatles “Within You Without You” – Sgt. Pepper) – it was not.  Jadiid’s sound is similar to another local Chicago band – “The Young Sea” – without totally ripping off Coldplay.  The EP does have movement, the arrangement is pretty, the vocals are good – there are some missteps – namely some strange electronic sounds that awkwardly stand out in the mix, but overall, the slow moving songs flow beautifully from one to the next, like poetry.  There is an otherworldly quality to the music, an atmosphere that you can’t quite put you’re foot on, rarely do words elude me, but here I’m settling, not happily, with beautiful.  I can hear the influence of Coldplay, some Death Cab, and the ever awesome Sigur Ros.  These guys do not wear their influences on their sleeve though, these are simply an undercurrent of which the music flows.  There’s alot going on under the surface of these songs – like a body of water, what at first you see is not necessarily what may appear later.  This is not to say this is a complex or complicated album; instrumentally, it is pretty straight forward built adult contemporary folk rock piece.  Save this collection of tunes for a drive to work in the morning – let the sunshine wash over your car, crack open your windows, take a sip of coffee and ingest this EP wholeheartedly.



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