Spike McGuire – “The End of the World Song 2”

Spike can juggle like a motherfucker.  Don’t take my word for it – that’s what he says.  Spike has a history as interesting as his name, and he falls squarely under the singer-songwriter category, now we all know my vested feelings for the singer-songwriters (see Brian McGrath), but I have to say this song kind of bores me.  The lyrics are well written enough – and anything about the apocalypse grabs this reviewer’s interest, but the constant down down up strumming has been done many, many times over before and wears on your ears as the song goes on.  On a scale of one to catchy, this one lands a solid seven.  Spike is rightfully a coffee shop guy, and has all the right skills for it – it’d be a great time sipping on a latte and listening to his musings on life – I think it might behoove him to pick up a band for his next record/EP.



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