On The Run – “Bone Sad” review

On The Run sounds like Dispatch. Yeah, thats right, I said it. I keep hearing these really great bass lines in relatively unknown bands which gives hope yet to the Chicago music scene – I mean, at least its not just a bunch of cock rock guitarists, right? “Bone Sad” follows directly in the vein of Dispatch, The Dave Matthews Band, and other quasi jam bands, it has been a little while since I’ve heard a band that has a good enough sound to say their sound is of their influences instead of saying, well, they kind of sound like said bands, but alot crappier. Anyway, enough of the commentary, this song has a great groove to it, good, solid drums and the production is better than most. On The Run sounds like there are 4 guitarists, but there are only two – and they aren’t afraid to give the sax player a solo. They are a solid band that probably puts on a great show, lets just hope they get the “Lilly’s” gigs out of their system rather quickly – they’re a thousand times better than some of the venues they’ll be soon playing.



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