From the Broken – The Search EP

If I sounded less excited about some of the previous hardcore bands I reviewed then it was because none of them compared to real sound that is From the Broken. This EP’s all about seizing the day, Carpe Diem, baby. “I will not live for tomorrow, for justice calls on me today!!” There is an urgency to the stop and go guitars and rhythm section – it sounds like they are screaming out against the world. No more antihero – here comes the top dog – and he’s pissed. Who’s gonna start the revolution? It is full of heart breaking, angry anthems. Top quality recording, and when they scream – you pay attention. I found myself remembering what it was like in high school, listening to metal to get ready for a football game. This music makes me want to fight, and that is a definite compliment. The guitars are right on, eq’d perfectly, the mixes are not muddy and the solo’s are appropriate. For fans of real hardcore rock music, they’ll be playing at Penny Road in Barrington March 13th. Bring your neck brace, cuz you can be damn sure it’ll be breaking.


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  1. […] song make an otherwise typical melody instantaneously more enjoyable. Although not as hardcore as From the Broken, Iron Vein holds it own in the metal genre. Despite my wanting to call them a more serious […]

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