Sei Smith – “Fall For You Again” Review

Sei Smith – is a strange soul. He claims to received inspiration from his imaginary friend, “Jimmy” – who would’ve doubled as the band name, but out of utter stage (reality) fright, begged Sei to keep his name. He did. Sei’s music stumbles into the singer songwriter genre quite easily, usually playing an acoustic guitar, doubling his vocals and playing other instruments. In “Fall For You Again” he channels John Lennon and doesn’t do a bad job of imitating him. The recordings leave me wanting, as I can hear small artifacts, (is that a TV?) in the background, but still – his aim is not for mainstream as you will see once you gander at his profile picture. He is a artist in its truest form – giving a big ‘ole fuck you to the mainstream and allowing us a glimpse of his soul through his art and music.


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