Band Called Catch – ‘Green Light’, ‘Far Away Girl’, ‘Girl Gone Wild’, ‘Done it Again’ Review

Band Called Catch isn’t a studio band. They don’t deserve to be surrounded by 4 walls with a bunch of microphones in between them. These guys (and a hot gal – seriously – check out their myspace) belong on a stage – in a hot room, not dark though – Band is much too peppy – light is needed. They aren’t sad, super serious songwriters who wonder why they were born. Here’s what they are: a witty, upbeat band with a strong appeal to those of you who enjoy music from Sublime (without the drug references), Dave Matthews Band (without the annoying fans), Collective Soul (without the band), and Barenaked Ladies (without the lameness? Is that a word?) .

Their songs are fun to listen to because they sound fun to play. They give us the authority to wonder out loud whether her father ever ended up seeing that tape/dvd (Girl Gone Wild) – without feeling bad about it. After all, everyone wants to be a porn star right? It allows us to revel in the fact that yes, we’ve Done It Again over and over and over – and gives it to us in a half rap, half singing voice reminiscent of Brad Nowell’s ode to the rufie, Date Rape – but doesn’t offend us nearly as much. The acoustic diddling runs from Gypsy Kingish to straight up and down strums, leaving us wanting an electric rhythm guitar, but by the time we think of that, a lead has been sprinkled into our left ear drum from a short clean, telecaster sound. Their breakdowns are cool, especially in the fast paced Green Light – where they also perfect the DMB style of having all the instruments come in at the exact same time – offering a thunderous jam band spectacle observed and enjoyed by all who wear shirts with letters on their chest and girls who’s hair is naturally brown but now radiates the glow of California beaches.

See them live, or, ahem, excuse me, Catch them live at the Tonic Room February 18th.


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