Blue Island Bridge Review

After I got past the initial recording quality, although, to be fair, I believe it is the myspace page that’s to blame, I found the interesting sound of Blue Island Bridge. The sound is heavily influence by Pink Floyd, analog synths abound, guitar breaks, pianos and Beach Boys-ish harmonies. It’s a very interesting hearkening back to a time when sounds were truly furnished and created, instead of sampled from a computer. Having said that, this music, this type of music has been done before – and has been championed by other bands who weren’t afraid to really push the line and challenge the listener to enjoy a pure creation, whereas Blue Island Bridge is rehashing a sound that has already been perfected. My recommendation would be to push yourselves as musicians and yank yourself out of this particular genre – take a listen to some more recent recordings, then mash up your vintage sound with some newer techniques – this would create a really special band, instead of just another Floyd sounding band. All the players in Blue Island Bridge sound like accomplished and talented musicians, we’re just waiting for them to push themselves a little bit further toward the edge, fall off, and immerse themselves in the beauty of a new sound.


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