Iron Vein – Citizen Review

More rock! More metal! February is turning into Metal Month for the review! Another hard rocking band, Iron Vein, or more affectionately, the “main vein”, (wink wink/childish snickers) – is cock rock at its (almost) finest. Pinched, soaring vocals and a Toolesque stomp near the end of the song make an otherwise typical melody instantaneously more enjoyable. Although not as hardcore as From the Broken, Iron Vein holds its own in the metal genre. Despite my wanting to call them a more serious Tenacious D, they are toeing the “we take ourselves much too seriously” line. Here’s a six pack that says they fall the right way and end up causing you to defecate yourself at their many upcoming shows, one of which is for the Rockstar Mafia CD at the Elbo Room. ReVenge, on the other hand, does itself right and lends itself as a perfect soundtrack to the uber alpha male fight match, otherwise called the MMA – being hosted in Kenosha, Wisconsin at Marina Shores – visit their Myspace and get yourself hyped up for a death match.


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