7 Leaf Clover – Clover Sky

Well, there’s good rap music (see Keith Masters) and then there’s this…if you took as many cliches as you could and shoved them into a song, then this is what you would come up with. A repetitive beat, highly uninspired lyrics (I spit sick shit, and I got a thick f**kin dick) coming from self referential white guys has already grabbed America by the collar, but it no longer has any power or influence this day in age. Its not about being white or black, but its about being talented and really taking your time and killing it lyrically and in your music. Next time, take a listen to the most talented artists in the game, take what they do and put your own spin on it. There is some inspiration in the sounds, although the beats could be sampled cleaner, and really pushed to the front of the mix. Keep at it fellas, you’ll get there eventually. Stop by and take a listen to “Slow Down” – its a string heavy take on urban America.



One Response to 7 Leaf Clover – Clover Sky

  1. Mentalcase says:

    I respect your opinion. We love constructive critism. I just wish you would have reviewed us as a whole. To actually rap technical lyrics, you have to have talent. Especially if you wrote it.

    Thanks, I suppose I really can’t use this in my resume. 🙂

    PEACE OUT!!!

    ♥ 7 Leaf Clover

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