Company of Thieves – Double Door Review

I do my best to keep this site focused on taking relatively unknown music, distilling it through my words and experiences, and then presenting it to an audience that would have not otherwise listened to said tunes had it not been for a notable “review” from yours truly (wink-smile-‘tinkle sound’). On a whim this past Thursday I went to Double Door and saw Chicago’s new favorite sons – and daughter: Company of Thieves. Having recently been signed to Wind-up Records, they have risen above the likes of this humble blog, but I feel that they deserve some hometown love, and I also think that this band presents truly independent music – independent of genre, of comparison, of pigeon-holing, and on this particular night, of all the other bands on the bill. The Thieves have been on a success escalator (sucesscalator?) since first I saw their lead guitarist, Marc and their lead singer, Genevieve perform at the Uncommon Ground on Addison and Clark a few years prior. After that, I caught an acoustic set at Schuba’s – where wonderfully, I recalled Marc and Genevieve talking about how scared they were to perform together for the first time at the Uncommon Ground.

They aren’t nervous anymore. The swagger and absolute confidence radiating from the band was awe inspiring. It’s as if a rock band got confused and started playing caberet, but then as they played the first few notes of caberet, decided it wasn’t funky enough, and started playing bass heavy Billie Jean-like riffs – but then, in decidely unbandlike fashion, turned the guitar down, and allowed the feathery folk stylings shine through, all while jumping, dancing and powerfully uplifting their audience to highs previously unknown. The bottom line is that Company of Thieves aren’t a carbon copy of someone else – their music doesn’t sound like Coldplay, it isn’t similar to Radiohead, there aren’t any Disturbed references, no Jason Mraz present here – their particular form of thievery, much like John Lennon has said before, is taking something they enjoy and throwing the piece through their own compacter – the chords might be the same, but the way the Thieves play them are much different. For a band with only one guitar, a bass, a drummer and a singer – they play better and are more interesting than most 5 or 6 piece ensembles playing on any other night of the week.

I’ve considered myself lucky to be part of some great shows in the Chicago-land area, and I like to think that I know what I’m talking about when I say these guys are the real deal – prepare yourself to hear alot about them in the upcoming years.

Company of Thieves


2 Responses to Company of Thieves – Double Door Review

  1. Haley says:

    Fantastic review. Company of Thieves is one of my favorite bands. I saw them perform in NYC and Mark and Genevieve were nervous then, too. It’s kind of refreshing.

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