Sugar Pusher – Get Out of Here, Matt’s Song, Kisses Review

Sugar Pusher, not to be confused with the much darker and decidedly more underground Squarepusher, is a sugary sweet pop band, complete with multi layered vocals and a very high quality recording that is caught between wanting to sound “live” and wanting to sound polished. According to their soon to be completed website, they are bouyed by some of Chicago’s top talent, and the musicianship is apparent on the majority of the songs. Take the time to listen to the Randy Jackson-esque (yes, of American Idol fame – for those of you who don’t know, let me educate you – he is a ruler in the land of bass) bass line in Get Out of Here. Matt’s Song is a No Doubt song, circa 1998 that’s landed in my headphones – Gwen Stefani has a step up on Lauren Ritchie, but not a large one. As far as pop music goes, I have to say that I haven’t heard any that compares as of yet, but then again, a lot of pop music would not consider itself independent. Although slick, I think Sugar Pusher could use a shove more in the direction of danceable tunes – they are playing in limbo – between an almost pop record and an almost rock record, but they aren’t landing a punch in either place.


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