On Our Radar: Baby Teeth Thieves

The second group of thieves to be appreciated by Chicago’s Independent Review are kindred spirits to Andrew Bird – their vocal melodies do not immediately pop out at you, but upon multiple listens you will find some hidden hook-nuggets, but, like Bird does so successfully, they are not fully formed phrases – but worms diving in and out of the dirt, staying away from a hawk, or, ha! a thief.

I won’t be content to push them into a pop corner – their use of staccato violins and strings make Baby Teeth Thieves that 7 foot guy standing in front of you at every show…they’re bobbing their head and you can’t get it out of your sight.

BTH tease you with counter melody from all angles, violins and cellos do more than fill the space in these tunes, they make the songs what they are. The esoteric recordings can be appreciated by those with a true ear and the organic quality of this band is sure to last with you long after you’ve closed your laptop, car doors, or taken your headphones out. Give them an introspective listen and your heart will never forget it.

This band hails from Nashville and will be playing dates in the area soon, so stay tuned here for an announcement.

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Baby Teeth Thieves


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