Oui Si Only You EPK review

Oui Si Only You is not nu metal, they don’t deserve any comparisons to Limp Bizkit, Korn, or any other late 90’s Q101 bands.  What they do sound like is a Sigur Ros inspired, less hardcore Linkin Park.  Ben Muniz’s flow sounds similar to Mike Shinoda’s – and on Shadow Riot, the effects on the vocals are almost a carbon copy of Mike’s on “Bleed it Out”.  Their guitars run the gamut from  acoustic to angsty, emo, distortion ridden punk to reverb laden Pink Floydish chords (Off to Stall).  They have no problem with politically driven lyrics, but in doing so, they are asking for comparisons to POD and Rage Against the Machine – in all fairness, Rage rocks much, much harder.  What OSOY lacks in all of their songs, and it may be a stylistic choice on their part, is a noticable hook in the tunes.  Aside from the sound, this is their major zag against the zig of typical rap rock.



11 Responses to Oui Si Only You EPK review

  1. Steve Baker says:

    You should see these guys live they are insane. In comparison to Rage the Ben is a lil similar, but they are totally dif. He sounds nothing like Mike from Linkin Park. These guys are good and rock the friggin house.. See them Live…

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