meLLo – Gettin @ Mine and Take Me Away

meLLo is a talented producer, who obviously knows his way around the boards – his remixes are of top quality – but, on some of the songs he is one of many biting off Kanye West’s synths and T-Pain’s auto-tuned vocal effects (all the rave these days).  It’s a talent that could take him places, but it sounds to me like he’s settling with a few of his songs.  One stand out is Gettin @ Mine – the beat is large, the piano staccato, and the breaks move from right to left in your headphones – giving you a true banger with a huge hook.

On Take Me Away, meL falls back onto the popular vocal effects, but the beat is raw.  The break beat gets in your head and won’t let go until you’re movin’ side to side with attitude.  The flow is tight as well, like I said, the kid’s got talent.

Here’s to hearin’ from the meLLo in the future – the sky’s the limit for a guy of this talent.



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